Virology And Viral Diseases Organizing Committee

Marc H.V. Van Regenmortel

University of Strasbourg, France
University of Strasbourg

Biography: Marc H V Van Regenmortel is currently an Emeritus Research Director at ReadMore...

Research Interest: General virology, Immunochemistry of viruses, viral diagnost ReadMore...

Junona Moroianu

Boston College, USA
Boston College

Biography: Nuclear import and export of viral and cellular macromolecules.

Research Interest: Nuclear import and export of viral and cellular macromolecul ReadMore...

Eeva Tuppurainen

Institute for Animal Health, UK
Institute for Animal Health

Biography: After graduating at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of ReadMore...

Research Interest: Veterinary expertise on lumpy skin disease, sheeppox and goa ReadMore...

Hua Zhu

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, USA
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey


University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, USA
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

Sharof Tugizov M

University of California, USA
University of California

Biography: Sharof Tugizov is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine ReadMore...

Research Interest: Virology, epithelial biology, interaction of viruses with mu ReadMore...

James Mahony

McMaster University, Canada
McMaster University

Biography: Teaching within the Faculty of Health Sciences includes the following: ReadMore...

Research Interest: The major focus of our research is the pathophysiology of ac ReadMore...

Aboul-Ata E Aboul-Ata

Arab Society for Virology

Biography: Dr Aboul-Ata Elnady ABOUL-ATA, Professor Dr. of Plantvirology, who was ReadMore...

Arab Society for Virology

Hye Kyung Chung

ABL, Inc

Biography: Hye Kyung Chung received her Ph.D from Kun-kuk University and she stud ReadMore...

Research Interest: Molecular virology Recently pathogenesis of human and anima ReadMore...

Deepak Shukla

University of Illinois, USA
University of Illinois

Biography: Dr. Deepak Shukla has received his PhD in Microbiology and Immunology ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr. Shukla’s main research interest focuses on cell biolog ReadMore...

David Jans

University of Melbourne, Australia
University of Melbourne

Biography: David Andrew Jans is a leading cell biologist who is widely recognized ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nuclear Signalling Laboratory: Nuclear Trafficking in Health ReadMore...

Suresh Mahalingam

Griffith University, Australia
Griffith University

Biography: Principal Research Leader & ARC Future Fellow, Institute for Glycomics ReadMore...

Research Interest: The core research activities in my laboratory are in-depth i ReadMore...

Aamir Shahzad

International Society for Translational Medicine, Austria
International Society for Translational Medicine

Biography: Shahzad, currently based in Vienna, Austria, is one of the pioneers, w ReadMore...

Research Interest: Translational Research and Clinical Diagnostics

Shih-Shun Lin

National Taiwan University, Taiwan
National Taiwan University

Biography: Shih-Shun Lin has completed his Ph.D at 2001 from National Chung-Hsing ReadMore...

Research Interest: The expertises of Dr. Lin are plant molecular biology and vi ReadMore...

Jonathan Leis

Northwestern University
United States

Biography: Jonathan Leis is a leader in the field of replication of retroviruses. ReadMore...

Research Interest: Preventing Enveloped Virus Release from Cells by Targeting B ReadMore...

Giulio Filippo Tarro

Biotechnologies and VirusSphere, World Academy Biomedical Technologies

Biography: Giulio Filippo Tarro, male, graduated summa cum laude from Medicine Sc ReadMore...

Research Interest: Virology and Cancer Research

Ilya Tsyrlov


Biography: Since 2005 - a CSO at XENOTOX, Inc. Have a medical background (M.D., 1 ReadMore...

Research Interest: Viruses

Ronald Moss

Ansun Biopharma

Biography: Ronald Moss, M.D. has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Ansun B ReadMore...

Research Interest: Infectious Disease, Allergy, Neurology, Dermatology, Oncolog ReadMore...

Ting-Chao Chou

PD Science LLC

Biography: Professor Ting-Chao Chou received MS degree in Pharmacology from Natio ReadMore...

Research Interest: Virology

Olga S. Latinovic

Assistant Professor
University of Maryland

Biography: Dr. Olga S. Latinovic is an assistant professor working at the Institu ReadMore...

Research Interest: Viruses

Shubhada Bopegamage

Associate Professor
Slovak Medical University
Slovak Republic

Biography: Associate Professor Shubhada Bopegamage, MSc., PhD is a Virologist cur ReadMore...

Research Interest: Enterovirus and coxsackievirus oral infections.

Nikolai Nossik

Ivanovsky Institute of Virology

Biography: Dr. Nossik Nikolai N. Graduated from Moscow Medical University, physic ReadMore...

Research Interest: Main scientific interests - antiviral and virucidal preparat ReadMore...

Gamal El Sawaf

Alexandria University

Biography: amal El Sawaf is a Professor of Microbiology and Immunology Medical Re ReadMore...

Research Interest: HCV, HHV and TB

Zenab Torky

Assistant Professor
Ain Shams University

Biography: Dr.Zenab Torky is an Assistant Professor of Microbiology in the depart ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr.Zenab’s main research interest is finding a way to prot ReadMore...

Maged Gomaa Hemida

King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Biography: Dr. Hemida received his Ph.D from University of Guelph, 2009. He pursu ReadMore...

Research Interest: Study of the molecular evolution and pathogenesis of MERSCoV ReadMore...

C. Yong Kang

Western University

Biography: C. Yong Kang has completed his PhD from McMaster University in Canada ReadMore...

Research Interest: His research in molecular virology includes the development ReadMore...

De-chu Christopher Tang

VaxDome LLC

Biography: DC Tang is the Founder of VaxDome LLC and Vaxin Inc. He was a pioneer ReadMore...

Research Interest: DNA vaccines, noninvasive skin-patch vaccines, adenovirus-ve ReadMore...

Ting-Chao Chou

PD Science LLC

Biography: Professor Ting-Chao Chou received MS degree in Pharmacology from Natio ReadMore...

Research Interest: Virology

Sita Awasthi

Assistant Professor
University of Pennsylvania

Biography: Sita Awasthi has received her Ph.D in Biochemistry from Devi Ahilya Un ReadMore...

Research Interest: HIV and Different Viruses


Associate Professor
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Biography: Zhanglei has completed her PhD at the age of 30 years from Heping Camp ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mainly engaged in fur animal disease including molecular epi ReadMore...

Walter Doerfler

Erlangen University Medical School

Biography: Walter Doerfler has completed Munich Medical School (LMU), Doctor of M ReadMore...

Research Interest: Genetics and Molecular Virology

Marcin Sieńczyk

Assistant Professor
Wroclaw University of Technology

Biography: Marcin Sieńczyk graduated from the Molecular Biotechnology and Biocat ReadMore...

Research Interest: Viruses

Girish J. Kotwal

Univ. of Med. and Health Sci (UMHS)
West Indies

Biography: Girish J. Kotwal, received his Ph.D. from the Biochemistry department, ReadMore...

Research Interest: Medical Microbiology, Dental Microbiology and Immunology, Ce ReadMore...

Dominic Abaver

Walter Sisulu University
South Africa

Biography: Dominic Targema Abaver has completed his the age of 40 years f ReadMore...

Research Interest: HIV/Aids